My Notes

My First Sound Healing Session

I’ve walked up and down Telluride’s Main street 100 times or more by now. I’ve passed Mangala Yoga ( on the way to something: brunch,

The Amy Edwards Show

I did a thing. Recently I was a guest on The Amy Edwards Show. Amy and I talked for over an hour about sex, for

“I’m glad to see you.”

It’s twilight in 2021 and I can see. Seeing in 2021 was simply not supposed to happen for me. This picture was taken at the

Filling in the Gaps

Omicron is coming! Omicron is here!  Anxiety pushes us to make decisions with incomplete information. We instinctively fill in the gaps of any scenario. Remember

Therapy on TV!

Therapy on TV! Depictions of psychotherapy in pop culture are always fun to critique. We get a pretty good one on Showtime’s Yellowjackets. Check it

My Body

I’ll Be Reading My Body Most mornings I’m up at 3 or 4 AM. I used to stay out until then and now I’m up,

Running Toward Instead of Running Away

Running toward something is so different than running from something. I’ve run, spun, and stairmastered from things for decades. Exercise is a fabulous antidepressant. I

Motives Matter

It’s a hallmark in criminal procedurals for detectives and prosecutors to determine if a suspect had motive for a crime. I think of motive as