Longevity Alone Is A Terrible Measure of Happiness

I can’t decide if this is more about relationships or sexual experiences so take your pick.

Relationship satisfaction is an underrated measure of what makes for a “good relationship” and tenure is overrated. I’ve known a few married couples who get lots of praise for hitting milestone anniversaries: 30, 40, 50 years and I inevitably wonder how happy those decades have been?

Eli Finkel wrote of our era of marriage in his book The All or Nothing Marriage. Marriages that have longevity in this era must have high relationship satisfaction too. Otherwise we leave. Have all the reactions to that which you need. The trend remains.

Today we will not stay forever in situations that aren’t contributing to our growth as human beings. I see it all the time in people coming to my practice with stay or go decisions.

If you’re facing a stay or go decision there’s your work.