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Our life stories are told through our relationships. Don’t like your story so far? Change it. Improve your relationships to improve your life. I can help you.
Some relationships can be amazing with healing and with the right skills. Other relationships need to end. I can help you decide if your relationship can be amazing or if it’s time to say goodbye.
We all seek relationships but are usually unprepared to maintain them. Finding the “right” person or people is the start of making a relationship that’s right for you. The rest can be a life’s work of building your relationship and your sex lives. Learn what you need to tell your own epic story through amazing relationships.



If you are having any of these problems, I can help.

Stay or Go Decisions

Ending a long term relationship is a pivot point for your life. Partners will be effected. Kids might be involved. Sometimes there are friends and family involved. You might have business concerns to consider. Clients come to me when something has to change. I can either work with you and your partner towards developing a healthier relationship or help create a plan to say goodbye.


Infidelity isn’t just a sexual transgression. Emotional affairs, digital cheating, financial betrayal, and out-of-control sexual behaviors are also considered issues of infidelity. If you or your partner are currently having issues with infidelity we can work through these issues together.

Sexual Health

Sex is rarely talked about, whether you are in a straight or LGBTQIA relationship. Stress, mismatched libido, body image, entitlement, age, and trauma all impact a healthy sexual relationship. Sex therapy and education are fundamental to our best sexual selves. I can help create a safe space to work through your issues and build a better sex life.


Bad fighting equals a bad relationship. There are always problems within a relationship, but learning how to solve or manage the problems together are key to a successful and healthy partnership. I can teach you how to communicate your needs better using good complaining skills and understand your partner’s needs through effective listening skills.


About ME

No one goes to a therapist to brag about how great their life is going. We go to therapy because everything we tried to make our lives and our relationships better didn’t work. I’m no different. Mine is a recovery story.

Once I was a codependent person with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Today, I’m in remission thanks to a great team and regular work.

My own therapy was essential to my recovery. I’m a believer in the process so I’m dedicated to working with others. You can do this work too. Your life and your relationships can be better.

I’m a Gen X, cisgendered, heterosexual white guy. I’m a clinical social worker licensed in Texas and in Colorado. I’m a psychotherapist. I work with people who want better relationships.

I’ve been practicing privately since 2006. Work with me face-to-face in Houston, TX or Telluride, CO. Work with me online wherever you are on VSee.

Prior to opening my psychotherapy business I was a staff social worker at The Menninger Clinic in Houston, TX. I did family therapy as part of their adolescent treatment team. I was a behavior therapist for adolescents in their Obsessive Compulsive Disorders treatment program.

I have a bachelors degree is in business from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. My Master of Business Administration and Master of Social Work are from the University of Houston. I completed fellowships at the Baylor College of Medicine, the Menninger Clinic, and the Houston/Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute. I trained at the Gottman Institute in Seattle, WA up to level three (their are four) and I’m a member of Esther Perel’s online training salon called Sessions. I’m currently in the University of Michigan College of Social Work’s Sexual Health Certificate Program.

I was a business person before I was a psychotherapist. I started my career at my third generation family business as the Director of Human Resources. Later I led a group of environmental testing laboratories in the early 2000s. I returned to run the business after my parents died. I’m happy that the business is still going strong.

I’m also the author of the self help book The Art of Meaningful Living. It was published in 2009 and sold dozens of copies nationwide.



Effective, affordable classes to improve your life, relationship or marriage.


Work with me online

I provide psychotherapy and counseling a select group of clients. I’ve worked with people to solve specific problems. To marry or to divorce? Stay together or break-up? Have children or not? Open our relationship or not? For all these questions there’s also the question of how to we go forward once a decision is made. I help with that. Clients have come to understand themselves and even change themselves so they can be different in their current relationship or the next.
Therapy isn’t something you have. It’s something you do. Psychotherapy and relationship counseling are collaborative processes. You can only get out of it if you put into it.

At its heart psychotherapy is a healing relationship focused on you. It’s constructed so that your therapist is never the center of attention. A therapeutic is intentionally unbalanced and focused on you the client so that you can make the life changes you want. Once you’re committed to doing the work of therapy and not just going through the motions there must be a good fit between you and your therapist. With effort and fit therapy can change your life. Without either it will fail.

Psychotherapy and relationship counseling can provide solutions to specific problems but it can’t implement them. You have to do that. A good therapeutic relationship can play an important part of a broader treatment plan for many mental disorders. Therapy will usually include some exploration of your past which can unearth difficult feelings. Sometimes doing good work feels bad. Thankfully feelings a temporary. When the pain shows up you won’t have to face it alone if you’re in your therapy. Making life changes can be difficult and it will also change your existing relationships. It’s up to you to consider these changes. You can work through consequences, even unexpected ones, with your therapist.

If you’re interesting in working with me individually I have an online practice that allows me to have clients anywhere there’s a high speed Internet signal. Email me if you’re interested about pricing and scheduling.

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