Get Relief But Don’t Forget to Find Joy

Relief isn’t joy but it sure does feel good. 

If you’ve been hurting physically or emotionally in that chronic way that seems too common these days, and the pain stops the relief is palpable. I’ve seen it with my clients. I’ve felt it myself. 

For a lot of us who dedicate ourselves to overcoming injury, aging, mental disorders, or any other kind of chronic suffering know that recovery takes slow and steady commitment. Persistence is key. When all that work pays off that’s a huge win. Celebrate it. Then when you’re ready ask yourself the question, “Now what?”

After you’ve gotten your relief then determine what it is that makes you interested, motivated, or maybe even passionate. It could be serving others. Maybe you want that new car. Some people pursue their spirituality. What it is doesn’t matter as long as it matters to you. 

Move toward the things in life that matter most to you and you’ll give yourself more chances at happiness. That’s joy. I hope you find yours.