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The Amy Edwards Show

I did a thing.

Recently I was a guest on The Amy Edwards Show. Amy and I talked for over an hour about sex, for life. I explain how I became a sex therapist, sex vs eroticism, and sex beyond penetration.

Trigger Alert: things get personal!

Amy Edwards is a self-described life rocking babe in Austin, Texas. She hosts The Amy Edwards Show a podcast that hits topics ranging from personal empowerment to self care to sex and sexuality. That’s where I came in.

Amy’s a classmate of mine and Laura’s from SMU – go Mustangs! Laura is my partner and personal hype man. Her PR skills put Amy and me together for a wide ranging conversation. We talk menopause, sex education, masturbation, and more! Thanks for listening.

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Christopher Brown is a psychotherapist and licensed sex therapist with decades of experience. He teaches people at every age how to connect to their sexuality and rethink eroticism. This conversation is fantastic and will make you rethink our conditioning and sex “education”…or lack thereof. Listen for: How to find a new sexual template for every decade of your life What sex in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and beyond can look like Explicit and implicit shame One of the causes of premature ejaculation How women can still have a full sex life after menopause Sex isn’t defined by penetration How EVERY parent is a sex educator Normalizing early negative sex messaging The difference between sexuality and eroticism Find out more about Christopher at and follow him on Instagram @xopherbrown!