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“I’m glad to see you.”

It’s twilight in 2021 and I can see.

Seeing in 2021 was simply not supposed to happen for me.

This picture was taken at the dawn of 2016. That’s past me waiting to get a needle jammed in my eye. The treatment was a Hail Mary. It didn’t work.

Yet here I am more than five years later seeing y’all.

Genetic testing has come a long way since I was diagnosed with PXE in 2015. PXE is a genetic tissue disorder that among other things makes sufferers central vision blind by 45 years old more or less. That diagnosis changed my life but that’s a story for another time.

As the years went by I kept seeing, kept seeing, and kept seeing. All this seeing led me to genetic testing that either didn’t exist or I didn’t have access to in 2015. Three rounds of testing and the results are in: no PXE and no idea what I really have. I definitely have something but don’t we all?

Now you know when I say “I’m glad to see you,” as I do in everyone of my #telehealth therapy sessions, why I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Love y’all,