To Do List Junkies, Do We Get To Just Be?

Full disclosure, I’m in recovery from depression and anxiety disorders.

It’s been a number of good years in recovery. There are days when that recovery feels like an expansive landscape stretching far out in front of me. Then there are other days when my recovery feels like a precipice that I’m clinging on to for dear life. 

On my precipice days I have a few go to coping behaviors because what I do and the choices I make are what I have the most control over. My coping actions help me get on solid emotional ground again. Making “to do lists” and checking items off those lists are some of my favorite coping acts. 

Given my particular crutch of productivity both real and imagined I was puzzled by a mindfulness group exercise I did last October with @dr.saranasserzadeh . She told us that we were doing enough simply by breathing. By breathing I was contributing to the ecosystem that makes our atmosphere livable and that simple act, that we all do automatically, was enough. 

Breathing is enough?