Your Relationship Is A Balancing Act Between “I” and “We”

When it comes to our relationships we’re all bipolar in the colloquial sense. We think “I want to be me separate, distinct, unique.” AND we think, “I want to be with you (or y’all) in sync, connected, together.” 

We can’t have both moment to moment but we should strive to have balance between “I” and “We” over the course of our relationships. 

If you’re in a relationship the ways you talk day-to-day can be a clue to your position in this dance between togetherness and individuality. If I’m all “we”…“WE’RE thinking about getting a puppy.” “WE hated the ending of Game of Thrones.” “WE’LL have to get back to you on that,” …that’s a problem. 

If I’m all “I” that’s it’s own problem. “I want…,” I need…,” “I’m going to…”

If you’re or y’all are having a hard time striking the right balance between “I” and “we” there’s your work.